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Join Us - Costa Rica Yoga Retreat
May 8 - May 13, 2017
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Closed on:
Sept 5, Nov 11, Nov 24-25,
Dec 24-25, Dec 31 and Jan 1


NEW Class Locations
C - Celebration Dance Studio
13931 Carroll Way
Tustin, CA

SF - Studio Fit
17291 17th St
Tustin, CA

OR - City of Orange, Grijalva Park
Registration thru www.cityoforange.org only
Check rates and fees through City of Orange

Come try our classes. Your first class is FREE! (new students only).

Dance Club:
Blue Jean Tango Club

Nuevo Milongas (9pm-1am, $15)
3rd Saturday of the month


8:30am Level 1-Linda (C)
4:00pm Gentle Stretch-Judith (OR)

9:00am Level 1/2-Judy (C)
10:15am Gentle Stretch-Beverly (SF)
6:30pm Argentine Tango,
Tango Bravo-Linda (OR)
9:45am Level 1-Beverly (SF)
4:00pm Gentle Stretch-Diana (OR)
5:30pm Core Yoga-Paulette (OR)
6:45pm Intro to Yoga-Judith (OR)
9:00am Level 1/2-Linda (C)
10:15am Gentle Stretch -Linda (SF)
8:30am Alignment/form Level 1-Linda (C)

Class Descriptions:
Gentle Stretch - a level one class for students approximately 50 years and older.
Level 1 - basic yoga postures, appropriate for most beginners, pranayama.
Level 1/2 - flow series, deeper poses for ongoing students, pranayama.
Aeroyoga - rhythmic yoga with an aerobic quality.
Alignment/form - a level one class focusing on proper alignment.
Therapeutic Yoga - A level one class for students with medical or weight issues which require more individualized attention.
Core Yoga - A yoga class fused with core pilates to build abdominal strength.
Power Flow - A strong flow class for experienced students.

For Information: 714-289-2248